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For over 30 years Columbus Fan & Machine Corporation has been providing cost effective solutions to electrical motor cooling problems. We assemble top quality cooling blowers and filters for all makes of DC Motors including Reliance, US/Emerson, General Electric & Baldor.  We have the Blower, Filter and Adaptor Plate to Fit Your Application.

DC Industrial Sales Company has been serving the industrial sector for over 35 years as a supplier of top quality electrical products for all types of applications. We distribute AC & DC Motors, Drives, Tachometers, Encoders, Line Reactors, as well as other industrial products manufactured by GE, Baldor, Marathon, Reliance, Elektrim, MTE, Encoder Products, Bardac, and more.

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Customer Service

 Columbus Fan:

  401- 247-0079

 DC Industrial Sales:

  401- 245-3330

Generac Generatos
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