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Heavy Duty Cooling Blowers

Increase the life of your DC or AC Electrical Motors by using our Heavy Duty Cooling Blowers.

These economical units will save you down time and increase motor efficiency.  Just call us with the make and frame size of the motor you are cooling and we will size the proper Blower for your application!

Standard Size Cooling Blowers in stock.  Special sizes available.

Also available - Cooling Blowers with corrosion resistant paint on housings, washdown duty motors, and stainless steel blower wheels.

Cooling Blowers and Filters

Size 12 Blower and Filter pic 15.jpg
Size 12 Cooling Blower-Filter for websit
Size 10 PLUS BLOWER-FILTER pic 6.jpg
Size 10 PLUS Cooling Blower-Filter for w
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