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MTE Power Quality Solutions.

As many capabilities as you

need. (Or as few.)


Power quality management requirements vary

significantly. By utility. By industry. By application.

By country. By site. That is why MTE offers a variety

of Power Quality and Filter products, for both

input (line-side) and output (load-side) of Variable

Frequency Drives (VFD) and power conversion

equipment. These components represent strategic

parameters of power quality. MTE can provide you

a complete power quality solution.

  • Matrix® Harmonic Filters: Our patented

Matrix® Filter can be specified for use on the

input of your VFD or other 6-pulse rectifier

power supply to enable your system to meet the

IEEE-519 requirements for Harmonic Distortion.

Available in 3-Phase or 1-Phase solutions.


  • Input & Output Reactors: We offer our RLW

and RL family of Line Reactors for both line-side

and load-side applications, absorbing many of the

power disturbances that can disrupt or damage

your valuable equipment.

  • dV/dt Filters: MTE’s dV/dt Filters are a cost

effective means to eliminate high peak voltages

and their destructive effects on cables and

motors at distances up to 1000’, and can be used

with switching frequencies of 900Hz - 8kHz.

  • Sine Wave Filters: MTE’s Sine Wave Filters

provide a sine wave output voltage when driven

by PWM inverters with standard switching

frequencies from 2kHz to 8kHz, reducing or

eliminating cable and insulation failures and EMI

at distances out to 15,000 ft of cable.

  • EMI/RFI Filters: High Frequency emissions of

VFDs and Inverters can be reduced or eliminated

with MTE’s economical EMI/RFI Filters, the

solution to many facility interference problems.

These products can be used to help your system

meet stringent FCC limits or EMC Directives.

  • DC Link Chokes: When added between the

input rectifier and bus capacitors, MTE’s DC Link

Choke will reduce the AC ripple on the DC bus and improve the AC input waveform.

Enerdoor Products

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